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Twin Jet

Environment prop for Fallout Cascadia I created over the last days.
At first we only wanted an updated model of the Willard Custers CCW-5, but after our Lead saw my late night sketches of a Fallout twin jet, we decided to go with this design.

The complete model is modular, so our level designed can place single parts of it (e.g. only the engine) in the world.
The model consists of five texture sheets (fuselage, right engine, left engine, wings, landing gear), which define also the modular parts of the plane.
Since it's no hero prop I also try to keep it relatively low-poly so it didn't cost too much performance.

Frerk guentzler twinjet 01
Frerk guentzler twinjet 02
Frerk guentzler ingame 02

In-Engine (Fallout 4)

Frerk guentzler ingame 03

In-Engine (Fallout 4)

Frerk guentzler ingame 01

In-Engine (Fallout 4)

Frerk guentzler twinjet wire
Frerk guentzler fuselage texture
Frerk guentzler engine texture
Frerk guentzler wings texture
Frerk guentzler gear texture